The Tool Box: March-April 2012

14 04 2012

The March-April 2012 issue of The Tool Box is now available.  Please feel free to download it, print it off, and share it with your church, family or friends!  If you are not subscribed to The Tool Box, you can do so here.

Inside this issue:

  • Evidences of a Global Flood – part 5
  • Evangelism & the End of the World
  • Questions Answered: If There’s a Loving God Why is There Death & Suffering?
  • Copying the Creator: Hydraulics, Levers and the Human Arm
  • Creation Scientist Biography: John D. Morris
  • And more!

Watch all of Standing on Evidence from Mt. Saint Helens!

30 03 2010

You can now watch the entire presentation “Standing on Evidence from Mount St. Helens”, by Dr. John Morris, on YouTube!  To watch the entirety of it, just visit our YouTube channel.

Mt. Saint Helens

26 03 2010

Keeping watching for videos on other topics!  Please be sure to check out our YouTube channel.  Thanks!

Standing on Evidence from Mt. Saint Helens

19 03 2010

More videos

18 03 2010

We will be posting the last part (part 7) soon!

Questioning Evolution’s Claims

12 03 2010

You can now watch “Questioning Evolution’s Claims”, presented by Dr. John Morris.  This presentation was recorded during the Evolution: Trick or Treat conference.  Currently we only have two parts of this presentation up, but we will be posting the rest of the parts soon.  Also, please visit our YouTube channel.  Subscribe, comment and rate if you can, please.  Thanks!

Deserting Darwin

8 12 2009

American Family Radio is hosting a radio special this evening to be heard across the nation on the AFR network.  Among those you will hear are Doug Phillips of the Vision Forum, and  Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research along with others.  They will discuss their recent trip to the Galapogos and the impact Darwinism has had on the culture at large, and on science specifically. 

Then after the discussion, be sure to tune into the video simulcast to watch a special treat, The Mysterious Islands in its entirety.   You must be registered to watch the simulcast, but it is free and only takes a couple of seconds to register. 

I would encourage you to not only listen, but also watch.  You will take away something useful and empowering!

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can tune into AFR talk which is 90.5 FM.  The broadcast begins at 7:00 this evening (Central time).  To find a station near you, click here.

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