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2 responses

12 04 2011
Petra Pasala

Dear creationevangelismtools,

I was browsing you facebook site:

There were a lot of terrible violent and pornographic images on the wall!
I reported them to facebook because they violate the user agreements.
Would you please look what is posted on your site!
Maybe moderate the comments and postings.

Maybe you could mention too why one has to do it.

Thank you very much!
God bless!

12 04 2011

Dear Petra Pasala,

Thank you for letting us know of this problem. We are terribly sorry for these obscene comments on our page. We have taken care of them, and changed some of the rules for our page.

We are planning on thoughtfully responding to the comments and will keep a closer eye on our page.

Thank you again,
The CET Team

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