What difference does it make if you in evolution or not?

Ideas and beliefs have consequences. Bad (unbiblical) ideas or beliefs have  bad consequences1. What you believe determines how you will think, speak, act and how you will treat others. Evolutionism is an unbiblical belief and results in ungodly actions. The belief that man evolved by way of the monkeys from primordial soup has been used as justification for many unbiblical ideas and actions on the part of many different people throughout history.

Some examples include the inhuman treatment of people of other skin “colors.” These racist attitudes were often excused on the presumed fact that other “races” of people were sub-human and therefore they didn’t have the right to be treated with dignity as a human made in the image of God.

In early twentieth century America, there were programs of forced sterilization of groups of people who were deemed unfit to reproduce because of physical, psychological and mental deficiencies. The people who were behind these programs were adamant believers in the theory of evolution, and felt that they were helping advance the evolution of humans. Planned Parenthood is a modern example of an organization founded upon the belief that humans are just animals and that it is “okay” to kill human beings who are in the lower stages of evolution (i.e. a developing baby).

Of course no one can forget Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. His regime was responsible for the often gruesome and horrific deaths of millions of humans. One of the primary goals of Hitler and his Nazi cohorts was the establishment of a superior and dominating race of people.2 As a result millions were rounded up and tortured and slaughtered as if they were animals. Why? Because Darwin’s theories teach that certain “races” or, groups of people are much more animal-like than human. Because of a belief in Darwin’s theories of evolution of different “races,” they felt they were doing the world a favor by speeding up the progress of evolution.3

There are many other examples of how believing in evolution as a worldview has led to many disastrous and ungodly actions on the part of humans against other humans. But perhaps this sampling will be enough to help us realize that ideas do have consequences.

For a more complete answer to this question please read my article “The Deadly Legacy of Darwin”.
1 Read Matthew 7:20 to see the connection between beliefs and actions.
2 www.ushmm.org/outreach/racism.htm
3 www.darwintohitler.com

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