The Deadly Legacy of Darwin

By Joel Kautt  

Few people today truly realize how devastating the impact of Darwin’s theory of evolution has been on society worldwide. Darwin, though trained in theology, proposed (or more accurately popularized) some very un-biblical ideas and philosophies. Ideas have consequences. Bad (or unbiblical) ideas have bad consequences. His ideas have been the foundation of a legacy filled with horrific and anti-biblical events.

Many key thinkers and leaders in the world since Darwin have looked to his theory of the evolution of life for the foundation for their own philosophies. Leaders in government, law, economics, ethics and morality, science and social engineering, etc have all been influenced by Darwinian thought to some degree or another. Examples of such would include men and women like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger, Richard Dawkins, and many others. Their actions (a direct result of their beliefs and worldviews) in turn have all left a greatly influential mark on the culture and society of the modern world. 

Karl Marx was one of the key founders of communistic economic and governmental thought. The ideas of Karl Marx were formed upon an evolution based worldview.1 Throughout the past decades, communism has resulted in overwhelming poverty, death and destruction. Millions of people in many different countries have lost their lives because Biblical truth about economics and government has been cast aside in exchange for atheistic, humanistic ideas based upon evolutionary thought. 

Most people know quite a bit about Adolf Hitler’s heinous atrocities. However, few people realize the fact that Darwinism fueled his actions. His regime was responsible for the often gruesome and horrific deaths of millions of humans. All of these victims were made in the image of God, but were deemed by the Nazis “unfit” to live. One of the primary goals of Hitler and his Nazi cohorts was the establishment of a superior and dominating “race” of people (the Aryans).2 Jews, Gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped, and even homosexuals were rounded up and tortured and slaughtered as if they were animals. Why? Because Darwin’s theories teach that certain “races” or, groups of people are much more animal-like than human. In essence, Adolf Hitler and his minions were playing the role of God. Because they had swallowed Darwin’s theories of evolution of different “races,” they felt they were doing the world (at least civilized humanity) a favor by speeding up the progress of evolution.1 

Margaret Sanger founded a “reproductive health” organization called The American Birth Control League2 in the early 20th century. Sanger, along with “social scientists and engineers” of her time sought to “weed out” the “bad genes” from the human gene pool.3 They called this “eugenics.” Many who supported her and others like her in their program of “eugenics” may have never realized how far this idea could be taken. They enacted a program of sterilization (forcibly in many instances) of the “unfit,” to prevent the “weeds” from reproducing themselves. Not long afterward on the other side of the Atlantic the Nazis took eugenics a step further in a program of wholesale genocide of these so-called human weeds. After the Second World War, the concept (or at least the terminology) of eugenics became something that many people sought to distance themselves from. However, the reality is that Sanger’s legacy of death lives on. Hundreds, if not thousands of innocent lives, deemed “unfit” to live, are snuffed out every single day in the numerous abortion mills across the country. Many of these institutions of human sacrifice (upon the altar of “convenience”) operate under the “innocent” sounding name of Planned Parenthood. 

Richard Dawkins is probably currently the most aggressive proponent of humanistic and atheistic evolutionary thought. He has viciously attacked religion in general and Biblical Christianity in particular in numerous ways. The most notable and recent example of such attacks is his book “The God Delusion.” Dawkins also has recently started an aggressive campaign of promoting atheism and humanism through a series of advertising slogans displayed in public places in Great Britain.4 In essence, his ads tell viewers “there probably isn’t a god, so live how you want to!” Dawkins feels as though he is brushing God off His “pedestal,” and helping to free humans from the enslaving ideas that religion (specifically Christianity) imposes on its tenants. This “gospel” of relativism regarding law and morality that Dawkins and his fellow preachers5 of humanistic atheism has helped to fuel and increase the already rampant disease of moral lawlessness throughout Western culture and society. 

The public education system has also been greatly affected (or rather infected) by Darwinian thought. The Bible and Christian principles were at one time greatly influential in public education. In recent years all vestiges of such have been thrown out. Relativism, amorality, humanism, atheism – all inherent to an evolutionary worldview – have taken their place. Is it any wonder that violence, immorality, and lawlessness are so prevalent in the public schools? When impressionable young minds are brainwashed with the notion that they are nothing more than highly evolved monkeys – originating from primordial pond scum – is it reasonable to expect them to act any better or different than animals? 

One notable example of the consequences of teaching these un-biblical philosophies and worldviews is the massacre that took place at Columbine High school. One of the teenage killers was wearing a t-shirt during his murdering spree that said “Natural Selection.”6 These teens had planned specifically to carry out their heinous acts on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth. Why? Because they admired Hitler’s “success” at speeding up the process of “elimination of the unfit.” Prior to that dreadful day in April of 1999, the murderers bragged that they were going to “kick natural selection up a few notches.”1 This was a prime example of the direct impact that Darwinism has upon society. The nation was stunned by what happened that day. But why are we surprised at tragedies such as this, when in effect we have “kicked” God and the Bible out of our lives and society? We have relegated God and the Bible to the closet or dustbin of history and are now paying for it dearly in this country as He has turned us over to our desires.2 

Is the theory of evolution, or Darwin himself to blame entirely for all this? No! Each person must answer for their own sins, but they will also answer for their influence (bad or good) on other people in their lifetime and in subsequent generations. Does this mean that believing in evolution will cause (or force) a person to kill other “less-than-human” people? No. But, it makes those actions much more likely. Why? Because evolutionism is a philosophy based upon death, and a love of death. God’s Word tells us that He created humans to live… forever. Man’s disobedience (sin) is what brought death into the world. Billions of years of mindless, random chance combined with death and the “struggle for the survival of the fittest” did not bring life into the world. To state it mathematically: a Biblical philosophy about origins is: God + dust = instantaneous life. Evolutionism is: lots of time + undirected random chance + disease, pain and death = life (and I daresay a purposeless life!). 

What is the solution to all of this? The problem itself is rooted in the fact that many Christians have devalued God’s Word. They have rejected it’s authority in their lives and in culture. Many of these atrocities have been committed because many professing Christians have cowered from the attacks of those who serve the Father of Lies. Worse yet, many Christians have compromised with the atheistic, humanistic, and evolutionary philosophies of the world, and have joined in attacking the authority of God’s Word. 

Examples of the disastrous historical results of Christians compromising with the world on the subject of the authority of the Bible are numerous. These include the German “Christians” who fell for (and often enthusiastically endorsed) Hitler’s plans to eradicate the Jews (whom they viewed as sub-human).3  Many don’t realize that churches in the early 20th century held contests to see who could give the best sermon advocating the eugenics programs of Margaret Sanger and company.4 Then there are the churches at the present who are gladly joining in the celebrations of Evolution Sunday – a commemoration of Darwin’s birth and his theory of evolution. They have the intention of showing that religion5 and a belief in evolution are non-contradictory. Let’s not forget those Christians over the years who have held to racist attitudes (usually directed at “black” people)6. Or what of those who believe that abortion is an acceptable method of dealing with (hiding) the consequences of sexual sin?  

The solution, then, lies in stirring up a passion in Christians to accept the authority of God’s Word in their lives. Christians, we must repent of our sin of idolizing the teachings, ideas and philosophies of finite men such as Charles Darwin! We must turn to the Word of the Creator God who knows everything there is to know about everything there is to know. God created us with a specific purpose,7 now let’s resolve to obey and honor Him by living out that purpose! 


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5They call it Christianity, but it is not really Biblical Christianity. 


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2 This organization is now known as “Planned Parenthood,” and your tax money helps to fund this heinous operation. 

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