One Blood


One Blood

by Johanna Kautt 

For many years now, there has been a controversy in the world even in the Church about supposed “skin colors,” and “races.” Many have fallen away to racism and bitterness because of a lack of understanding of what God’s word clearly teaches us on this subject. In this article, Johanna offers some profound insights regarding this subject. “The Lord made of one blood all men to dwell on the earth.” Acts 17:26 

My siblings are related to me by blood. But if you think about it, we Christians are also related by blood. Through Christ’s blood we are redeemed from our sins. 

And all are related to each other, black, white, yellow, red, brown, through Adam. We are all of one blood through Adam, so there is only ONE race. The human race. Black, white, yellow, red, brown, and many other “colors” are 100% human. And so are unborn babies in mother’s wombs. Unborn babies are 100% human. Not part fish, part monkey, or any “other animal”! 

Abortion and racism are both results of humanistic thinking and they both go against God’s written word, which is inerrant and totally reliable. Psalm 139:14 reads, “I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth very well.” 

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