Copying the Creator (series)

Creation Scientist Biographies (series)

Evidences of a Global Flood (series)

Signs of Design (series)

The Origins Debate in the News (series)

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5 Reasons Why Christian Should Study and Practice Apologetics by Joel Kautt

Animal Rights: An Inconsistency in the Evolutionary Worldview by Joel Kautt

Christ Throughout the Scriptures by Phoebe Kautt

Compromise in the Church: Evolution Sunday by Phoebe Kautt

Death: Where Did it Come From? by Phoebe Kautt

Dinosaurs: Important to the Gospel by Phoebe Kautt

Evangelism and the End of the World – by David & Julia Kautt

Evidences of a Global Flood – Part 2 by Joel Kautt

Evolving Ethics or a Steadfast Standard? Joel Kautt

Global Warming: A Biblical Perspective by Abby Kautt and Caleb Kautt

How Do We Know the Bible Is True? (Part 1 of 2) by Joel Kautt

How Do We Know the Bible is True? (Part 2 of 2) by Joel Kautt

Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space? by Joel Kautt

Natural Selection: Of Darwinian Origins?  A Portrait of Edward Blythe’s Work in the 1800s by Abby Kautt

One Blood by Johanna Kautt

Passing Along the Faith by Julia Kautt

MY QUESTIONS – Already Gone Book Review by David & Julia Kautt

Refuting Resurrection Myths by Caleb Kautt

The Absurdity of Relativism by Caleb Kautt

The Deadly Legacy of Darwin by Joel Kautt

What Difference Does it Make If you Believe in Evolution or Not? by Joel Kautt

Why Atheists Believe in God by Caleb Kautt

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