The “Credentials” of Richard Dawkins

23 04 2012

There are no true Atheists!

25 02 2012

Richard Dawkins, Famous Atheist, Not Entirely Sure God Doesn’t Exist

LONDON (RNS) A controversial Oxford University professor billed by many as the world’s “most famous atheist” now says he is not 100 percent sure that God doesn’t exist — but just barely.

In a 100-minute debate with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Richard Dawkins surprised his online and theater audiences by conceding a personal chink of doubt about his conviction that there is no such thing as a creator.

But, to the amusement of the archbishop and others, the evolutionary biologist swiftly added that he was “6.9 out of seven” certain of his long-standing atheist beliefs.

Replying to moderator Anthony Kenny, a noted English philosopher, Dawkins said, “I think the probability of a supernatural creator existing (is) very, very low.”

Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion” and other best-sellers, is a leader of the “New Atheist” movement that aggressively challenges belief in God and criticizes harm done in the name of religion.

“What I can’t understand is why you can’t see (that life started from nothing and) is such a staggering, elegant, beautiful thing, why would you want to clutter it up with something so messy as a God,” Dawkins told Williams, according to The Daily Telegraph account.

The archbishop, who heads both the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion, replied that he “entirely agreed” with the “beauty” part of Dawkins’ statement — but said “I’m not talking about God as an extra who you can shoehorn onto that.”

Graciousness Wins!

8 05 2011

Amazing Design??

31 08 2010

Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space?

1 03 2010

Check out the newest article, “Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space?”, by Joel Kautt.  You want to know why the earth can be the only planet that has life on it?  Read this great article to find out!  Then let us know what you think about it, by leaving us a comment on this post.  We always love hearing from you, our readers!

January/February 2010 Newsletter

1 02 2010

The January/February 2010 issue of CET Ministries’ Newsletter has just been published!  This is our 5th issue since we started last year, and if you would like to receive it in your inbox, please contact us and we will send it your way!

For many decades, secular scientists have influenced public thinking about the chronology of the geologic processes.  This teaching has resulted in the belief that millions of years are required to deposit and form rocks and their layers, to carve canyons, to produce petrified organic remains and fossils, and to form coal beds. 

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Natural Selection: Of Darwinian Origin?

18 01 2010

Check out the new article, “Natural Selection: Of Darwinian Origins?  A Portrait of Edward Blythe’s work in the 1800s”


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