Spring 2013, The Tool Box

15 05 2013
tool boxIt’s that time again – time for another issue of the Tool Box.  We pray that you are well and growing in the LORD this Spring!

Inside this issue:
– Evidences for a Young Earth: Biological and Anthropological Evidences
– Questions Answered: Are the Bible and Evolution Compatible?
– Resource Spotlight: The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor
– Spring and New Life in Christ
– Signs of Design: The Human Thumb
And lots more!
May the Lord be nearer and dearer to you this Spring, as never before.
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The Tool Box – Winter 2012-2013

26 01 2013


With the holidays’ business, family sickness and others things, we didn’t get our November-December 2012 issue of The Tool Box sent out, and we apologize. We are finally sending out our latest issue, which is the Winter 2012-2013 issue. Upon reviewing our family and ministry situation, we have decided to publish our newsletter only quarterly, instead of bimonthly, as we had done previously. So, now you will receive a newsletter every three months, and they will be labeled ‘Spring’, or ‘Summer’, etc.

Thank you for understanding and for you continued prayers for our family and ministry!

What you’ll get in this issue:

  • Evidences for a Young Universe, Part 2 – Geological Evidences
  • Questions Answered: What About the Gap Theory?
  • The Sanctity of (Every) Human Life
  • Copying the Creator: Straws, Trees and Water Towers
  • Creation Scientist Biography: Johannes Kepler
  • And more!

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The Tool Box, July/August 2012

23 08 2012

The July/August 2012 issue of The Tool Box is now available for download and reading!  Please feel free to share with your friends and church family, and with people you may not know.  Also, if you haven’t already subscribed, you can do so here.  Each issue of The Tool Box will be conveniently sent to your email Inbox.

What’s inside this issue:

  • The Miller-Urey Experiment: Life or Non-Life?
  • Questions Answered: Are the Creation Accounts in Genesis 1 & 2 Contradictory?
  • Resource Spotlight: IndoctriNation
  • Summer Reading & Watching List
  • Signs of Design: Symbioses in the Animal Kingdom
  • Ministry Update More Than Philosophy Conference

The Tool Box – May-June 2012

25 06 2012

The Tool Box, May/June 2012 issue.


Well, the month of June is more than half way over, and we are just now sending out the latest issue of The Toolbox. We apologize for the delayed delivery, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Over the past several weeks our family has experienced some significant and life changing events which have led to transitions in employment and residence. Even in these challenging and uncertain circumstances, our Lord has repeatedly shown Himself faithful as our Provider. We are “blown away” by how He showers His grace upon us, and we praise Him for it! The downside to these life changes is that our available time over the summer to devote to ministry work has been greatly reduced by the necessity of making plans and provisions for an impending move. The bright side in all of this is that the Lord continues open doors for us to continue to “Teach. Equip. and Proclaim God’s Word.” We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use us in the future as our lives are conformed to His will through these changes in the road of life. As always, please keep us in your prayers and share our newsletter and website with your friends and family.

May the Lord bless you as you glorify Him this summer!

Some of what you’ll get in this issue:

  • Evidences of a Global Flood (part six – last part)
  • Questions Answered: What About “Gay Marriage?”
  • Who is the Intelligent Designer?
  • Copying the Creator: The Honeycomb Structure
  • Creation Scientist Biography: Robert Boyle

The Tool Box: March-April 2012

14 04 2012

The March-April 2012 issue of The Tool Box is now available.  Please feel free to download it, print it off, and share it with your church, family or friends!  If you are not subscribed to The Tool Box, you can do so here.

Inside this issue:

  • Evidences of a Global Flood – part 5
  • Evangelism & the End of the World
  • Questions Answered: If There’s a Loving God Why is There Death & Suffering?
  • Copying the Creator: Hydraulics, Levers and the Human Arm
  • Creation Scientist Biography: John D. Morris
  • And more!

Creation Scientist Biographies

21 02 2012

All of the Creation Scientist Biographies published to-date, are now available right here on our website.  Check them out!

Ministry Update

20 02 2012

In the latter part of 2011, we partnered with Christian Worldview Outreach (CWVO), and a local pastor (who is a native of India), to send some of our articles to be translated and published in an Indian Christian newspaper. The first article, Dinosaurs: Important to the Gospel, was published in January 2012. After the publication, there came about stiff opposition and rejection from Christian school teachers who believe in evolution.

Here’s an excerpt from the email we received just a few days ago from the director of CWVO:

I am sorry to report that the reaction to our first article in the newspaper in Gugarat, India created such a strong reaction that the newspaper has decided to stop publishing articles. The primary protestors are Christian school teachers. … All of your hard work has produced outstanding results. We should not be surprised if there is resistance to the truth of the gospel.

We believe that God will open other doors of opportunity similar to this one. Pray for us as we seek to follow God’s leading in this and other areas.

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