Ministry Update

20 02 2012

In the latter part of 2011, we partnered with Christian Worldview Outreach (CWVO), and a local pastor (who is a native of India), to send some of our articles to be translated and published in an Indian Christian newspaper. The first article, Dinosaurs: Important to the Gospel, was published in January 2012. After the publication, there came about stiff opposition and rejection from Christian school teachers who believe in evolution.

Here’s an excerpt from the email we received just a few days ago from the director of CWVO:

I am sorry to report that the reaction to our first article in the newspaper in Gugarat, India created such a strong reaction that the newspaper has decided to stop publishing articles. The primary protestors are Christian school teachers. … All of your hard work has produced outstanding results. We should not be surprised if there is resistance to the truth of the gospel.

We believe that God will open other doors of opportunity similar to this one. Pray for us as we seek to follow God’s leading in this and other areas.



2 responses

21 02 2012
Charlotte Smith

Unfortunately, those with stiff opposition and rejection of the published article who call themselves Christian school teachers are liars. As harsh as my statement seems, school teachers who believe in evolution are NOT Christians!

I am confident that God will open other doors of opportunity in your endeavor to publish articles.

So keep the faith and continue to let God lead as we pray for guidance in the matters at hand, asking God to clearly show you how to conduct your work with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm. May He give you the wisdom and desire to find ways to excel in your work, as He helps you to work together and encourage each other to excellence. God will help you reach higher and farther to achieve this important work.

Because of Him,
Charlotte Smith

21 02 2012

Thanks for your encouragement, Mrs. Smith!

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