When Was the Ice Age?

16 02 2012

Although secular scientists argue that there were multiple Ice Ages over a period of hundreds of thousands of years,1 we know from the Bible, that such a timescale is much too long to be accurate. If the Ice Age(s) did not occur hundreds of thousands of years ago, when did the Ice Age occur? The answer to this question is partially revealed in our discussion in the feature article regarding how the great Flood would provide the necessary meteorological catalysts to spawn an Ice Age shortly after the Flood. Using Biblical genealogical records, basic mathematics, and logical inferences, we can deduce that the Flood occurred sometime around 2,500 B.C.2 So, we can infer that the Ice Age took place sometime following the Flood. One meteorologist estimates that the Ice Age lasted around 700 years, and peaked approximately 500 years after the Flood, or around 2,000 B.C.3

Read the entirety of the newest Questions Answered article, here.



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