It’s All Over!

28 09 2011

After a very busy and wonderful weekend, the One God, One Faith, One Book Apologetics conference is all over.  We had a great turn out, averaging around 75 for each session.  And we hope people came away blessed and equipped.

Dr. Jim Johnson’s talks were all very exciting and informative.  I especially enjoyed his last one, on the uniqueness of Christianity among world religions.  And, Dr. Jobe Martin’s were, as usual, very well done.  His second one, on Biblical discernment in a world of falsehood was wonderful.  Last of all, Joel’s talk on the history of the English Bible was well done, and conveyed almost 2,000 years of history in about 90 minutes.  He did very well!

We pray that God will continue to use this conference, reaching hearts ultimately to show that God’s Word is truly reliable and trustworthy, and so is the salvation that He offers.

We will now be in the post-production stage of producing DVD copies of each presentation.  If you would like to obtain a copy of the DVDs, please contact us.  NOTE: Please allow 2-3 months for DVDs to be completed. 



2 responses

4 10 2011

Thanks for sharing this. That is great that there will be dvds!

4 10 2011

Yes. We will let everyone know when the DVDs are available.

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