July/August 2010 Newsletter

9 08 2010

Joel Kautt and Caleb Kautt in front of the Rhea County courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. We visited the courthouse during the Scopes Festival, in July 2010.

Creation Evangelism Tools is pleased to present to you our 8th issue of our bi-monthly email newsletter.  This issue is themed around the Scopes Trial of 1925.  You will learn much more about the history and impact of this famous event.

In this issue:

  • The Scopes Trial: Real History or Hollywood Fiction?
  • Compromise vs. Compromise
  • Resource Spotlight: Inherently Wind
  • Questions Answered
  • Ministry Update: Tennessee Trip 2010

There is lots more in the newsletter issue for your benefit!   You can sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter by contacting us with an email.



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