Creation Evangelism Tools Rendezvous outreach (Abby’s take)

9 05 2010

This is my [Abby’s] perspective on our time of ministry in the Kiamichi Mountains of Northeastern OK, two weeks ago:

This year we were privileged to take part in The Nation’s Ministries Rendezvous camp.  We [Caleb and I] arrived at the campground on Monday evening.  On Tuesday morning we set up our booth, and immediately after the first session, we had several visitors drop by. I was amazed by God again. He never ceases to amaze me by how He works!

We were able to network with some older friends, and partners, which was an encouragement.   We were also able to meet new friends. We pray that our ministry will be a blessing to them in the near future.  One of the most amazing events was talking with two indigenous missionaries from India.   To see their passion for Christ is uplifting!

We were challenged, strengthened, encouraged, blessed, stretched, quizzed and exhorted.  One big way we were challenged was to be more faithful, organized and set long-term goals and carry them through.  That was something we really needed.  Because it is so easy to get slack, and lazy, or just overburdened by life, losing our focus and passion for the vision Christ has given to our charge.

The sermons and talks that were given throughout the week went along with our vision at CET – Teaching the nations, Equipping the brethren, and Proclaiming God’s Word to the world.  Our prayer is that many seeds that were planted during this week of ministry, will be watered, grow to maturity and bear much fruit for Christ’s sake.

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