The Ultimate Proof of Creation – Short Review

15 03 2010

The Ultimate Proof of Creation, Dr. Jason Lisle

Have you ever tried to argue with an evolutionist and it seemed like the argument was going around in circles?

Perhaps you’ve thought that the evidence for creation is so clear that no one should be able to reject creationism. Evidences “for creation” don’t always convince evolutionists that creation is true. But… one thing that evolutionists can’t explain is the basis for their worldview. Dr. Jason Lisle addresses the fact that all worldviews ultimately borrow certain fundamentals – logic, uniformity and morality – from the one true and consistent worldview – the Biblical worldview. Read this book to find out what “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” is, and how to use it in debates with evolutionists. Learn how to spot logical fallacies, and answer “foolish” arguments. You will also discover the nature of scientific evidence and its proper role in the origins debate. The Ultimate Proof is a “layperson-friendly” guide to applying logic and reason from a Biblical perspective in the defense of God’s Word.

I highly recommend this book to every layperson” – Joel Kautt

To order a copy of this book, go to our resources page. Jason Lisle also has a 4 DVD set, which you can purchase through Answers in Genesis.



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