CET’s Top Picks for the New Year, 2010

29 12 2009

As the new year begins, the CET Team would like to give you our “Top picks” for books, DVDs and CDs we think are good for you to start the new year. 

So here they are:

David’s top pick: I Believe Because… (Book) – from $19.51








Julia’s top pick:  The Lie: Evolution (Book) – $10.99








Joel’s top picks:  The Ultimate Proof of Creation (Book) – $13.99








Or the DVDs Ultimate Apologetics box-set (4 DVDs) – $39.99








Or Lord of All (Book) – $17.99








Abby’s top pick:  Already Gone (Book) – $12.99








Caleb’s top pick:  One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven (Book) – Donation to Mark Cahill’s ministry









Phoebe’s top pick:  Creation Proclaims: Climbers and Creepers (DVD) – $18










Johanna’s top pick:  After Eden (Book) – $7.99










Jaden’s top pick:  Jonathan Park The Journey Never Taken (4 Audio CDs) – $25.00



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