CET Ministries’ September/October 2009 Newsletter

2 10 2009

We have now published our third issue of our bi-monthly email newsletter, our September/October 2009 issue.  If you would like to receive it, please click here and send us an email. 

Here is the first paragraph of the feature article, written by Phoebe Kautt, entitled Death: Where Did it Come From?.

Death. Something we hate to think about, yet something so common. You turn on the TV, and what do you see? Deaths, murders, suicides. You listen to the 10 o’clock news, and what will you most definitely hear about? So-and-so committed suicide, at such-and-such a place there was a drive by shooting. Everywhere you look the reality of death is around you: cemeteries, car accidents, funeral homes, and occurrences such as the Columbine High School shooting. Maybe we don’t like to think about it, but death happens to 10 out of 10 people. It’s a fact, 100% of all people ultimately die. All of the most famous, rich & influential people of history have all met their end: death. Caesar, Napoleon, George Washington, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler and Babe Ruth are all in the grave. Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez, Madonna, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates and even Billy Graham will all eventually die.

To read the rest of the article, you will have to sign up for the newsletter.



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