A Visit to ICR

1 08 2009

Henry Madison Morris (1913-2006), founder of ICR.

Recently we had the privilege and blessing to visit and tour the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) facilities.  They just recently moved from Santee, California, and are now completely based out of Dallas, Texas.  We were very honored to speak to Dr. John Morris for a few minutes while at ICR.  They own a whole block’s worth of buildings which they are using for many different things.  We are very thankful for the ministry of ICR and Henry Morris, and we pray that the Lord will enable them to continue to do this important work for many more years to come.

The sign on the side of their building

Lawrence Ford explaining the fossil displays

Speaking with Dr. John

Mr. Ford telling us about the Duck Billed Dinosaur that is in their lobby.

The sign out front



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