CET’s First Newsletter! May/June 2009 Issue

12 05 2009

We are happy to announce that we have published our first ever email newsletter: our May/June 2009 issue.  If you would like to sign up to receive this email newsletter,

please send us an email, by clicking here.

This issue also includes a ‘Kidz Activity Page’ with fun stuff for children!  In this issue they will learn about the Creation Week, and it will include a crossword puzzle, and an assignment.

The following is a paragraph from the main article in the newsletter entitled The Deadly Legacy of Darwin, written by our director, Joel Kautt.  To read the complete article you will have to sign up to receive our newsletter.

Most people know quite a bit about Adolf Hitler’s heinous atrocities.  However, few people realize the fact that Darwinism fueled his actions.  His regime was responsible for the often gruesome and horrific deaths of millions of humans.  All of these victims were made in the image of God, but were deemed by the Nazis “unfit” to live. One of the primary goals of Hitler and his Nazi cohorts was the establishment of a superior and domin-ating “race” of people (the Aryans).  Jews, Gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped, and even homosexuals were rounded up and tortured and slaughtered as if they were animals.  Why?   Because Darwin’s theories teach that certain “races” or, groups of people are much more animal-like than human. In essence, Adolf Hitler and his minions were playing the role of God.  Because they had swallowed Darwin’s theories of evolution of different “races,” they felt they were doing the world (at least civilized humanity) a favor by speeding up the progress of evolution.”



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