Darwin’s 200th Birthday

12 02 2009

Today is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, as well as the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book: “On the Origin of Species…”  Many churches (over 200 nation wide!) are joining in on the celebration of this influential man.  But…as a counter-active move, Northwest Christian Church (a small congregation in McKinney, TX) is hosting a creation vs. evolution conference, entitled: “Answering Darwin.”  As we have been advertising for the past several weeks, this is going to take place starting tomorrow evening (Friday, Feb. 13th) and will go until Sunday (Feb. 15th).  For more information, please look at the post about it, by clicking  here

Why don’t you come to this conference and support the Biblical account, instead of attending a “Darwin Day Celebration” and supporting an anti-biblical and anti-God idea.  We would love to have you come, and there will be great snacks after every session, and a potluck meal after the Sunday morning session.  Also, there will be children’s sessions during each adult session, as well as nursery care.

I would also encourage you to check out the Answers for Darwin Conferences, that Answers in Genesis are hosting in Santa Ana, California & Lynchburg, Virginia.   Both of these conferences are FREE, so be sure to click on those links, and check them out!

We’ll see you there!!



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