National Missionary Convention Report

28 11 2008


Creation Evangelism Tools’ Booth 🙂


(L to R standing): Johanna, Caleb, David, Phoebe, (L to R sitting): Jimmy & Jaden

In short, we had a very good, and I believe, profitable time at the NMC.  Many people stopped by, a lot took free items & some bought the items we were selling.sdc103121










Caleb & I setting up our booth 

Here is a more lengthy report:

We had many interesting conversations and discussions.  We also had many, many compliments on our booth & the items we had.  A few people even asked if Ken Ham were there, or if we were with Creation Truth Foundation (who had a booth there, too), Answers in Genesis or Creation Science Evangelism.  Of course we said that we are not affiliated in anyway, but we are doing basically the same thing they are doing (on a smaller level), but we are not competing, only complimenting.  They (CTF) had items that we didn’t have, we had items that they didn’t have.


Dr. G. Thomas Sharp speaking during one of their workshops at CTF’s booth

We had a good conversation with the founder of Colegio Biblico, Harland Cary.  He had many wise words to say.  He was married to his wife Frances, for 70+ years before she died just a few weeks ago.  He has been in the ministry for 70 years (more or less), maybe a little more.  He and his wife founded Colegio Biblico in 1945. After being the ministry that long he also had many, many interesting stories to tell.  He is, to say the least, a profound man.  He has 4 children, 15 grand-children & 30 great-grandchildren.


Talking with founder of Colegio Biblico: Harland Cary (middle)

One lady stopped by and commended us for carrying on the work of her late husband, who worked closely with Institute for Creation Research. Her husband was a speaker with Creation Science Association, he had had booths at the NMC for 15 or 20 years, until his death 3 years ago. She was sad to see how many people believe in (Macro) Evolution, and many without even knowing. She was glad to see people like us working to bring the culture back to the Truth about Genesis.

We sold a good amount of materials (also gave away a lot), although we could have sold much more.  But I’m just glad that we were able to touch the people that we did, and we hope & pray that it will impact their lives (in a good way) for years to come.

Also, as I had said in one of the last posts, our Uncle Jimmy (Kautt) had a booth (actually we had two tables in 1 booth section).  I hope that the convention was/will be profitable for his ministry (International Student Mission, in Tuebingin, Germany).












As I said before, all in all we had a very profitable and exciting time at the National Missionary Convention.  We hope we can have many more booths at places like the NMC.  If we do, we will certainly let everyone know.


Phoebe (Staff writer, Secretary/Librarian)



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