A brief report from the Missionary Convention

23 11 2008

Grace & Peace!

Joel and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with our family who are in Tulsa attending the National Missionary Convention, and get some of the “low-down” on what’s been happening. 

As of yesterday, Dad had to make at least 2 (maybe 3) trips to Office Depot to make more copies both for our Uncle’s and our ministry!  Wow!  It is SO exciting being a Christian. 

Several people who stopped by our booth thought that we were with Answers In Genesis, and were wondering if Ken Ham was there… no, we aren’t with AiG, and sorry Ken Ham did not attend this year. 🙂  Many individuals expressed a real interest in the Creation materials with had available at our booth, and several of them purchased and were given materials, which was exciting. 🙂

Since Wi-Fi was not offered at the convention, the others have not been able to report on their activities.  I know that they’ll have a lengthy report and lots of pictures to share! 

Please pray for:

  • Their safety as they travel back to Texas this evening.
  • For a wonderful time of fellowship at some new friends house today.
  • For Uncle Jim as he will be flying back to Germany on Tuesday, for safety and security on the 12-13 hour flight.
  • For encouragement and a renewed sense of purpose.

Thank you all for standing with us.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Abby – for the CET team



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