Preparing for the Nation Missionary Convention

14 11 2008

For the past few weeks we’ve been preparing for the National Missionary Convetion, which is in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year.  An order came in from Answers In Genesis on Wednesday, which had many items including many translated Books and DVDs in launguages such as Japanese, Chinese, German & Romanian.  You can view the pictures below and get an idea what our booth will look like at the NMC.  We invite you to visit our booth, which is number 1227.  Also, be sure to visit all of the other ones, there are many great ones!  The NMC starts on Thursday (Nov. 20) evening (around 6:00pm) and runs until Sunday morning – early afternoon.  Come any of those days you can, believe me, it will be an experience you’ll never forget!


































Jim Kautt, our Uncle from Germany, is having a table in the same booth with us.  He is a pastor at a church he started in Germany, and has a ministry called International Student Mission.

See you at the Convention!



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