October – December 2008 Answers Magazine Review

8 11 2008


 Wow!  I just finished Answers, special focus: planet earth.  All superlatives apply.  As a layman, my eyes would often glaze over when reading about global warming or the geologic column.  But after working my way through the clearly written articles in this issue, the big picture is coming into focus.  The brain fog is drifting away.

I appreciated the humility displayed by the authors on “Time for an upgrade?” and “Barn-what?” and the new-to-me topic of floating forests was quite fascinating.  “Loving Science, Loving God” wrapped the ribbon around it all explaining the motive for studying God’s creation.  It showed – so seamlessly and joyfully – how it all works together and calls out hearts to stand in awe and worship our Creator.

The format is very layman-friendly.  I thank Answers In Genesis for another informative issue of Answers.  They continue to equip us in our ability to evangelism and answer the skeptics.  Wish I could go door-to-door and hand out copies of this particular issue.  How exciting to live at this juncture in history, when Creation Scientists are formulating Bible-source models that make sense of the data around us.  I look forward to future articles unveiling the latest research and models, as promised by AIG’s editor-in-chief.

(Editor’s Note: picture taken from Answers In Genesis’ website).



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